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The Daily Knightline - Friday, January 21

The Daily Knightline

Unity Christian High School

Friday, January 21, 2022

Lunch Today: Pizza, potato wedges, lettuce/dressing, applesauce, grapes or taco salad bar

Lunch Monday: Chicken sandwich, french fries, green bean casserole, mandarin oranges, banana or ham salad bar

Today: Formal Day!

Pd. 1 8:25-8:54 (29)Pd. 2 8:57-9:24 (27)Pd. 3 9:27-9:54 (27)Break 9:54-10:02Pd. 4 10:05-10:32 (27)Pd. 5 10:35-11:02 (28)Lunch A 11:02-11:27 (25)Pd. 6A 11:30-11:57 (27)Pd. 6B 11:05-11:32 (27)Lunch B 11:32-11:57 (25)Pd. 7 12:00-12:27 (27)Pd. 8 12:30-12:57 (27)1:00pm Homecoming Chapel Court Festivities and Talent Show

3:45 JV/V Girls and Boys BB games vs. Gehlen Catholic

* The Booster Club will be providing an extra meal choice of a single pulled pork sandwich or a meal deal and pork nachos in the concession stand during the homecoming games!

Dance Team Coed Routine and Light Show Routines

Introduction of the 2022 Knight and Lady in between girls & boys varsity games.


Friday’s Bussing: Busses will be running at 1:30 EXCEPT for the Sioux Center route which will run at 3:30.

Reminder: Please contact the office by calling or emailing before 9:45 a.m. if possible when your child is going to be out of school for any reason. Also, if they leave during the day for an illness please call/email and excuse it.Thank you!

Student Council Sponsored Homecoming Dance at the Triple Box after the basketball games until midnight! If you are bringing a guest from another school, you have to sign them up in the office by Friday, or they cannot enter the dance. Cost is $5 per student. Once you leave the dance, you are NOT able to re-enter.

Scooters Coupon! Pick up in the office for a ½ off coupon on any drink!

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