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IGET Mega Portable Vape Review

The IGET Mega vape pen is designed for heavy smokers who want to quit. It's so easy to use, even new vapers can do it! You just have to push a button on the side and inhale from the mouthpiece. The battery capacity is also large, which means you can use it for longer than other devices.

It comes with an e-juice bottle that holds 2 ml of e-juice, so you won't have to refill it too often. The button on the side of the device lights up when you press it, so you'll know when it's ready to use.IGET Mega is a premium portable dry herb vaporizer with a sleek design and easy use.

It has three buttons on the device and is equipped with impressive battery life (2 hours of continuous use). The IGET Mega has an incredibly simple design, with only three buttons on the device itself: the power button, temperature control button and mode button.

The first two buttons are used for turning on and off the device and setting the desired temperature respectively. IGET Mega is a vape pen specially designed for convenience. It comes with an in-built tank and a range of flavours, so you can enjoy your favourite e-liquid flavours whenever you want.

The battery lasts for up to 300 puffs, which is great when you're on the go. And the tank is easy to refill with any flavour of your choice.

The mouthpiece is also leak-proof, so you can use it without worrying about spilling your e-liquid everywhere! The IGET Mega is available in Australia, with flavours such as fruity, menthol and coffee bean. Introducing IGET Mega Australia, the best place to find amazing deals every day. We have a wide range of products, including e-cigs, vaporizers, and accessories like mods, coils & more.

The best part? WE GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY! Every time you shop with us, we donate 5% of our profits towards charity organizations that support local retailers like ourselves. The IGET Mega vape pen is a great choice for beginner and experienced vapers alike.

This vape pen was created to be used by both beginners and experienced vapers, which means it has a sleek design and comes in many different flavours, including coffee, tobacco, apple pie, peach cobbler, vanilla custard, chocolate mint cookie dough ice cream, cherry cola soda, strawberry cheesecake and more.

The IGET Mega is designed to help you get the most out of your vaping experience by offering you an affordable option that works well and keeps you satisfied with its high-quality vapor production.

The IGET Mega vape pen is also convenient because it comes with everything you need to start vaping right away: an atomizer tank with a ceramic heating element (which provides optimal heating), a battery pack that can be charged via USB cable or wall charger (1A), a USB cable for charging (1A) as well as a cleaning brush for keeping your mouthpiece clean from buildup.


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