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ilypond 0.1.0 I cant find the metapackage for pidgin in ubuntu 9.10 Dag, apt-cache search pidgin sagredo, you looking for a new metapackage? bcurtiswx_: how do I define a metapackage? bcurtiswx_, it doesnt show up david@inauss/OS:~$ sudo shutdown -P now im at a command prompt bcurtiswx_: I'm looking for an option to turn metapackages on or off in a single user setup (single click install) You want to look for the package called "ubuntu-desktop" or "ubuntu-standard" one of those is a metapackage and the other is a meta-dep of it ubuntu-desktop depends on libpulse0 (>=0.9.10~) | libesd0 (>=0.2.41~) | pulseaudio (= | ubuntu-standard (= 0.74) so this is what ubuntu-desktop is required by Oh hey, is anybody still using xorg.conf? xorg.conf.failsafe DanaG, you can get the xorg.conf to fail at run time im not familiar with it though Can you use it to set the brightness of a laptop? Yes, you have to use dconf-editor DanaG: depends on the laptop, but sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right or gsettings Specifically, what I'd like to do is write a trivial script to spin down the hard drive when in idle... and then when resume, spin it back up with correct brightness... So I want




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Waves Cla Vocals Plugin Free Download Full Crackl Latest

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