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The Daily Knightline

Lunch: Hot dog, French fries, baked beans, pineapple, strawberries

Tomorrow: Dippin Sticks, lettuce/dressing, corn, applesauce, grapes

Today: Block Day with periods 2,4,6,8

Chapel at 1:30 – Pastor Cliff Hoekstra

Officer Pollema is here in the morning.

4:30 Freshmen Volleyball at Western Christian Tournament – dismiss at 3:10 & leave at 3:30

Tomorrow: 1:30 Dismissal – Professional Development

Football Friday Night vs. Woodbury Central at NWC at 7:00 – White Out!

Football and Cheer Senior Night

Pep Band and Dance Team will perform!


  • Students, you are NOT allowed to go back to the lockers or classrooms once you are finished eating lunch.

Students, please use the hand sanitizer in the lunch room before taking your tray for lunch. Please also wash your hands regularly throughout the day and cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbows, not your hands.

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