The Daily Knightline - Thursday, October 15

Today: Tavern, French fries, baked beans, strawberries, pineapple, dill pickle spears or taco salad bar

Tomorrow: Chicken Drummies, potato rounds, savory carrots, pears, mixed fruit, breadstick or ham salad bar

Today: Dress-Up Day: Meme/Vine day. Find a funny vine or meme and dress up like the people in it. This day there will not be a game as there will be chapel.

Wed./Thu. Bell Schedules - No Block

8:20 a.m. First Bell

8:25-9:12 Pd. 1 (47 min.)

9:15 - 9:57 Pd. 2 (42 min)

9:57-10:04 Break

10:07-10:49 Pd. 3 (42 min)

10:52-11:34 Pd. 4 (42 min)