The Daily Knightline - Tuesday, March 8

The Daily Knightline

Unity Christian High School

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Lunch Today: Walking taco, potato rounds, corn, pineapple, strawberries or ham salad bar

Lunch Tomorrow: Ham sandwich, mash potatoes, carrot sticks, apple, peaches or chicken salad bar

Today: Chapel - Clevey Ragsdale

Noon: Moms in Prayer

Boys Basketball: All boys turn in all basketball items to Mr. Harskamp after school today.

Tomorrow: Blocks 1,3,5,7


Ice Cream Social - Juniors: This week Friday during afternoon break the Juniors will be awarded their ice cream for winning the Dress-Up Days during Homecoming. All Juniors can go to the lunch room to redeem their reward. Congratulations on winning!

After Banquet Permission Forms, Junior Class $40 dues and $15 picture payment made to Generations (optional) are due in the office by Wednesday, March 16.