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The Daily Knightline - Wednesday, October 14

Today: Ham and Cheese Bun, potato chips, lettuce dressing, applesauce, grapes or chicken salad bar

Tomorrow: Tavern, French fries, baked beans, strawberries, pineapple, dill pickle spears or taco salad bar

Today’s Bell Schedule:

Pd. 1 8:25-9:10

Pd. 2 9:13-9:53

Break 9:53-10:00

Pd. 3 10:03-10:43

Pd. 4 10:46-11:26

Lunch A 11:26-11:51

Pd. 5A 11:54-12:34

Pd. 5B 11:29-12:09

Lunch B 12:09-12:34

Pd. 6 12:37-1:18

Gym Games

Pd. 7 2:07-2:47

Pd. 8 2:50-3:30

Today: Dress-Up Day: Favorites Day. Dress up like your favorite movie character, football team, or book character. We will be doing cornhole games in the gym.

Tomorrow: Dress-Up Day: Meme/Vine day. Find a funny vine or meme and dress up like the people in it. This day there will not be a game as there will be chapel.

Wed./ Thu. Bell Schedules - No Block

8:20 a.m. First Bell

8:25-9:12 Pd. 1 (47 min.)

9:15 - 9:57 Pd. 2 (42 min)

9:57-10:04 Break

10:07-10:49 Pd. 3 (42 min)

10:52-11:34 Pd. 4 (42 min)

11:34-11:59 Lunch A (25 min)

12:02-12:44 Pd. 5 (42min)

11:37-12:19 (42 min)

12:19-12:44 Lunch B (25 min)

12:47-1:29 Pd. 6 (42 min)

1:29-1:54 Chapel

1:54-2:00 Break

2:03-2:45 Pd. 7 (42 min.)

2:48-3:30 Pd. 8 (42 min.)

Sports Report: FR VB girls lost, JV and V VB won their games against Remsen St. Mary’s last night.


· NICSTO Forms are due for Unity December 1.

· SLIPPERS NEEDED: The Unity One Act cast is in need of 2 pairs of men's bedroom slippers for our one act that will take place during Combo Night. (November 12! - Mark your calendars!) We also need a pair of very fancy women's bedroom slippers as well.

If you have any of these items and are willing to let us use them, please contact Nicki Kuiper at

· We have the privilege of hosting a first round football playoff game this Friday night vs. Sheldon at NWC starting at 7:00 p.m. Admission will be $6 for K-Adult. Unity passes will not be accepted. Please bring exact change.

· Please read and follow the guidelines below:

· The use of artificial noisemakers, signs and banners is prohibited.

· Fans are not allowed on the playing surface before or after the game. No tunnels or hoops to run through are allowed before or after the game.

· Items such as baby powder are prohibited from being thrown into the air. Shirts and shoes are required.

· Drones and pets are prohibited.

· Covid guidelines: Fans will be expected to sit in designated rows only.

· Masks are encouraged but not required.

· Elementary/Jr. High students must be seated in the bleachers by their parents or above the high school student section.

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