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Proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, Unity Christian High School provides a Biblically based education to guide young people toward their commitment to serve both God and neighbor in all aspects of life.

Since opening in the fall of 1963, Unity Christian has been committed to proclaiming a Reformational Biblical worldview that teaches the sovereignty of God over every square inch of creation.

To see some specific examples of how Unity implements this worldview, check out our Teaching for Transformation page.



Unity has built a strong reputation for academics, fine arts, and athletics.

The Academic program schedule is a hybrid block schedule, consisting of two days of block periods (four each day) and three days of traditional class periods (eight each day).

Dual enrollment opportunities exist for juniors and seniors to enroll in college courses and earn college credit at local institutions of higher education, including two local Christian colleges. Unity also has a growing number of concurrent enrollment courses taught on site, including Calculus, Statistics, and Human Biology.

A strong academic support program aids over 25% of our students, and a Talented and Gifted program challenges the top tier students.

These units are required for graduation: 
3 1/2 Social Studies, 4 English, 2.5 Bible, 3 Math, 3 Science, 2 Physical Education, 1 Fine Arts, 1/2 Digital Life- a total of 19 required courses. Five (5) electives must be completed to total 24 units. In addition, completion of Senior Capstone is also required for graduation.


Recommended for college prep programs (minimum):

4 years of English 
4 years of Social Studies

3-4 years of Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
3-4 years of Science (Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
2-3 years of Spanish (I and II)


Note: Students may only have one study hall per semester

For detailed course information, please look through the Unity Course Catalog.

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