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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unity governed by a church? 

Unity is not a church school. It is parent governed, done by a constituency of supporters who elect Board members to govern the school.  This Board of 12 governs the school by a clear mission statement and constitution of the school.  Our statements of purpose and mission that are built on a reformed biblical world and life view.  


Does Unity have any connection to other local Christian schools? 

Unity is a stand-alone enterprise, that partner with local K-8 feeder schools.   Each of those schools has their own independent Boards and constitutions.  All of our supporting schools are members of Christian Schools International


What is the cost of tuition? 

Tuition costs change annually.  Call the school office for the latest price.  We balance a quality Christian education with affordability.  Our Board wants Christian education to be accessible and inviting.  A commitment of financial support is an important part of our school.  


Is there tuition assistance and how can I know if I qualify? 

There are great tuition grants available to families who qualify. On average, 35% to 40% of our families receive a grant to help pay tuition. The following application link includes a chart of household size and income. (link)  You can see if you qualify. 
Please call us if you have any questions about financial assistance:  712-737-4114.          


Is there a sliding tuition scale for families with multiple high school aged children? 

We do not have a sliding scale, but we definitely look at factors such as family size when awarding tuition grants. 


Are there restrictions in place for families to be aware of before enrollment? 

We do ask for a parent commitment to Christian education. The lifestyle in the home must also support the mission, policies and biblical teachings of the school.  Each year, parents are required to sign an agreement of support to our mission, values and policies.  If you have concerns or questions, please discuss these with school leaders. 


When do families typically apply? 

Families are welcome to consider applying to Unity at any time.  Or formal registration month is August.  Families can tour the school and students can shadow a day at Unity while school is in session. We do not recommend transferring current high school students until semester break. 

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