Employment Opportunities

Job Opportunities at Unity Christian for the 21-22 School Year: 

Systems Administrator



  1.  To challenge all students to fulfill the mission and core values of Unity Christian High School to serve God and neighbor in all aspects of life.

  2. To demonstrate a growing content knowledge in Network Administration.

  3. To support students throughout the high school experience, providing a safe and    inviting technology environment.

  4. To partner with parents whenever possible to build up and train young people.



  1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

  2. Valid Iowa teaching certificate in secondary education.

  3. Training towards certification in Network Administration. 



  1. Manage Weekly Software Images and Package Updates 

  2. Coordinate Hardware Repairs and Maintenance for both student laptops and servers

  3. Monitor Server Backup Systems

  4. Coordinate Student online Backup systems

  5. Troubleshoot and Maintain Classroom Display Systems

  6. Maintain Network Switches and Infrastructure

  7. Maintain Bells, Door locks, Security Cameras Systems

  8. Create Annual System Software Packages

  9. Coordinate the annual summer maintenance of existing laptops and systems

  10. Coordinate the unpacking and installing of new laptops annually

  11. Coordinate the release of the seniors laptops each year

  12. Assist with Knight Center Audio Visual system and recording

  13. Manage Student Technology Mentors Each Period

  14. Teach a Technology Leadership class



Student Growth

  1. Build healthy student/ adult relationships in the classroom and campus.

  2.  Be able to calmly discipline and counsel students when need arises.

  3. Hold students accountable to clearly announced policies and deadlines.



  1. Engage parents as partners when issues and concerns arise.

  2. Build partnership with parents by communicating back to parents within 24 hours of an email or a phone call.

  3. Welcome administrative feedback, and seek administrative feedback when possible.

  4. Bring concerns and ideas to the administrator. 

  5. Speak positively of Unity, employees, students and programs in the general community. 


Professional Growth 

  1. Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills.

  2. Keep informed of and comply with state and school regulations and policies for teachers.

  3. Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required.

  4. Work on a professional development plan with administration.

  5. Set annual goals based on the professional development plan.

  6. Attend professional workshops or conferences once a year.  This is in addition to the     Heartland Teacher Convention.


Professional Expectations

  1. Build up other colleagues by praying for them and encouraging them. 

  2. Be on time to meetings and school events where attendance is required. 

  3. Come to work dressed in professional and appropriate clothing.

  4. Apply technology benchmarks and expectations laid out by administration including:  attendance, calendar posting, Moodle, posting online grades


Special Knowledge/Skills

  1. Excellent interpersonal skills notably in team building and conflict resolution. 

  2.  Strong ability to integrate a biblical worldview into all duties.

  3. Strong technology and communication skills.

  4. Strong work ethic evidenced by a willingness to work extended hours. 

Additional Duties

Reports directly to the Technology Coordinator.

To discuss the position, please contact Wayne Dykstra at 712-737-4114 or at wdykstra@unitychristian.net.

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