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Knight's Armor

  1. God-worshippers – those who offer up their entire, ordinary life to God as an act of worship and pursue a relationship with God and other believers through shared worship experiences.

  2. Community-builders – those who build community through the pursuit of peace, encouragement and honesty in relationships.

  3. Servant-workers – those who humbly look for opportunities to serve God and others.

  4. Justice-seekers – those who advocate for change on behalf of other image-bearers by identifying and responding to injustices.

  5. Creation-caretakers – those who respond to God's call to be stewards of God's creation.

  6. Beauty-creators – those who celebrate God's creation by enjoying and creating what is good and beautiful.

  7. Truth-promoters – those who can convincingly express the truths of a biblical worldview and identify the idols of our time.

  8. Temple-respecters – those who cultivate minds, bodies, and spirits for continual growth as image bearers of God.

  9. Prayer-intercessors – those who are committed to bringing praise, confession, thanksgiving and intercession before the Lord in all circumstances.

10. Vocation-cultivators – those who identify and refine their spiritual gifts while seeking and  
       responding to God’s call.

11. Order-discoverer – those who delight in discovering order, harmony, and purposeful
       design in God’s wise and diverse creation.

About the Knight's Armor


In order to assist Unity Christian to be even more distinctively Christian, to meet our school mission, and to focus on nurturing student faith towards a lifelong God –centered relationship, we have formulated a set of core concepts called the Knight‘s Armor.
pieces of the armor are...

  • timeless truths that we want to deeply embed in the habits of mind, heart, and hands of Unity students.

  • common Biblical understandings that should be points of emphasis throughout a students
    education at Unity.


  • truths that are most important for our students to grasp in order to help make sense of the


  • a common language to articulate the unity of all subjects, classes, and activities at Unity
    Christian High School around God’s Word.

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