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"The primary goal of Christian Education is the formation of a peculiar people, a people who desire the Kingdom of God and thus undertake their life's expression of that desire."

James K. A. Smith


Every Christian school classroom must have a powerful and compelling vision of the Kingdom that creates a longing and a desire within every student to play their part in God's unfolding story of creation - fall - redemption - restoration.

We encourage you to ask our teachers what storylines they implement in their classes.


Every Christian school classroom must have an articulate and inspiring student profile that invites every student to imagine how to play their part in God's story.

Unity Christian works to build up and nurture key traits identified as our 
Knight's Armor.


Formational Learning Experiences


Every Christian school classroom must provide authentic (real work, real need, real people) opportunities for students to practice living the Kingdom story. This practice becomes a habit, shaping who we are.

The Purpose of TfT

Teaching for Transformation is a curriculum planning model that provides a framework which allows teachers to invite their students into the living out of their Christian beliefs, not simply the head-knowledge of those beliefs.

The biblical truth that resounds in our Christian school’s curriculum is that all things in the world belong to God. The task of a Christian school teacher is to help reveal God’s grand story in this world. Thus, a teacher’s task is one of Christian-storytelling, of seeking out and helping students to “See The Story” in all areas of study.

When students can See the Story, as well as the numerous opposing stories in our world, they can then "Live the Story". Practicing their faith and knowledge in a way that deepens their beliefs and connects them to the truths which they are learning. 

TfT Examples


God is the creator of all things. The fingerprints of His design are seen in the beauty of His creation, and in all human beings, his Image Bearers.


But creation has been stained by our rebellion and denial of God's love and sovereignty. A once pure world is tainted by sin, disease, and disorder.


God, in His love, sent His only son. Jesus Christ has paid our ransom and justified His people before a holy God.


Therefore, we work hard for the glory of God, thankfully devoting our lives to service in His Kingdom and promoting His peace until He returns.

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