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International Student Program

Unity Christian High School hosts international students from around the world.

International students have come from countries such as China, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, and the Netherlands.


Unity Christian High School gives students from other counties a well-rounded American educational experience that will prepare them for success at the university level. Students can enroll in grades 9-12 and have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. 


Students at Unity participate in a 1:1 Program, where all students receive a MacBook Air computer. The computers are used extensively both inside and outside the classroom as tools for learning and teaching.


Unity offers a variety of courses and electives such as Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, World History, American Politics, Bible, Communications, American Literature, College Composition, Business, Horticulture, Psychology, Art, Health, and Music. Students receive college credit for Calculus, Statistics, and Human Biology.


English language instruction is provided by a certified instructor. Academic support designed to help each international student experience success in the classroom is also available.


In addition to its rigorous curricular offerings, Unity encourages international students to get involved in activities such as theater/drama, orchestra, choir, instrumental ensembles, game club, math competitions, Quiz Bowl, and athletics.


International students live with local host families during their stay and are quickly enfolded into our caring and close-knit community. 


Unity Christian High School is recognized for its commitment to providing a quality Christian education, its high academic standards, its caring and supportive environment, and the extensive opportunities available to students. For more information about the International Student Program at Unity and the application process, please contact us.




216 Michigan Ave. SW Orange City, IA 51041

Phone: 712-737-4114


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