Purpose of Jr Knight Programs:

Opportunity to get involved in different sports, develop relationships and friendships that can last a life time and use their God given talents in a God centered environment.

Jr. Knights Boys Basketball
The goal of the Jr. Knight basketball program is to introduce the boys to proper fundamentals and have them play hard, smart, and together having fun glorifying God.

This is for boys in grades 3-8. Practices will begin in November or December and the boys will participate in tournaments and scrimmages, which run from January through March. A parent meeting will be held by the Jr. Knight director and high school coaches before the season to lay out expectations, introduce coaches, etc... as we all are a part of the Knights basketball program.


The goal is to have practice once a week. Gym availability, coaches schedules, and player availability will play a factor in practices each week and if they have more than one practice in a week.

Playing Time:
3rd and 4th grade
- Fall fundamental and skills practices. The boys will learn the basics of basketball, scrimmage and get an opportunity to play during the halftime’s of the varsity girls basketball games. They will have 5-6 practices during October and November.
5th and 6th grade - Everyone will play and teams will be split by their coaches and high school coaches. Playing time will try to be as equal as possible. Missing practices, attitude, and work ethic will directly affect the athlete’s playing time. 
7th and 8th grade - Playing time and teams will be split based on ability by their coaches and the high school coaches. Playing time will not be equal and can be different from game to game, tournament to tournament. Missing practices, attitude, and work ethic will
directly affect the athlete’s playing time. 

The Unity Christian coaches will be involved in the splitting up of teams and take full responsibility for putting players on each team. The number of players can play a factor in determining teams and if teams change from tournament to tournament. The Jr. Knight
director and high school coaches will assign coaches to coach the Jr. Knight teams.

We want to boys to have positive experience and have success. Winning is not the utmost importance at these levels but we are competing and we want that to be one of the goals in each game. If an opportunity to win at any level presents itself, we encourage the coach to play the players at the end of the game that are going to give the team the best chance to win.

Tournaments: (recommended)
- 3rd/4th grade: halftime of varsity girls games and scrimmages
- 5th grade: 2-4 tournaments and/or scrimmages with area teams
- 6th grade: 3-5 tournaments and/or scrimmages against area teams

- 7th grade: 4-6 tournaments and/or scrimmages against area teams
- 8th grade: 5-7 tournaments and/or scrimmages against area teams

Skills and Fundamentals to be taught and emphasized:
- Man to man defense - pressure and dictate what is going to happen
- Rebounding - FT, defensive, and offensive
- Proper technique in chest, bounce, over the head passes
- Proper shooting form
- Offense:
- techniques of spacing
- movement without the ball - up tempo and share the ball
- importance of roles and shot selection
- importance of spacing
- pushing the ball and running the floor both ways
- Dribbling with both hands
- Presses and press breaks


5th grade: Kevin Van Donge

6th grade: Dan Foreman, Cody Harskamp, Chris Hulstein

7th grade: Dan Byl, Beau Bosma, Jason Smit

8th grade: Scott Ten Napel and Greg Hulstein

Jr. Knight coaches are directed to encourage and give the players confidence.
We want the boys to have fun and have a positive experience.
Each Jr. Knight player will get a t-shirt for being a part of the Unity Christian boys basketball program.

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